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The Adventures of Muna

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What People Say About Me...

Ugochi has worked as a member of the safety team in an airline where she performs multiple tasks without showing any signs of burden because she genuinely loves what she does...I attended only a few of these forums and witnessed Ugochi's innate ability to lead...
Uyiosa Ekhator - Cabin Crew
A smart lady with an enquiring mind. She epitomises a social safety conscience and in my view Ugochi (AKA the safety chic) is also a force of nature who exudes charm and authority. During my years as Flight Safety Officer in Aero Contractors, I was privileged to work with her and her cabin safety team. I decided to draft her to give lectures during our quarterly safety forums to the entire flight operations department and drafting her to give these lectures was one of my biggest achievements as flight safety officer.
Captain Martin O. - Pilot
Ugochi Obidiegwu has become the defacto oracle of Health and Safety contents. She takes her over 4 years dry-headed experience in the Health and Safety Profession in the aviation industry and boils it down to nuts and bolts practical wisdom you can simply learn and apply.
Oluyemi Owolabi - (COO) Expidale Logistics Services

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